Cropped Pants Can Be Sexy

We have all struggled with Cropped Pants in the past and I decided it was time to figure out why this look can strike fear in women everywhere.  First we don’t want to look stupid…ala Tom Brady wearing Uggs.  Second we don’t want to look like we are trying too hard…ala Kim Kardashian smiling.   And third (but most important), we don’t want to look fat...flashback to the Culottes worn by Louis XVI.

I have uncovered the five keys to looking sexy, hot, smart, stylish and of course fashionable in one of this season’s hottest trends…the Skinny Cropped Jean.

First, the Cropped Jean has to be Skinny.  Nothing is going to make one of the skinniest parts of a woman’s body look bigger like a bootcut bottom hitting your lower leg.  You want your Cropped Jean to hit at the skinniest part of your leg between your ankle and knee.    

Second, the Crop needs to be a solid color.  White, Black, Peach or Navy are just some of the hottest colors for Spring 2015.

Third, wear a dynamite shoe.  I’m envisioning a stacked wedge sandal with a fresh pedicure.  A heel is going to slim down your legs and of course, make you look taller.  A ballerina flat is not going to do you any favors with this look so I would suggest saving that shoe for another day.  Personally I like wearing a shoe the same color as your pant.  This creates a streamlined silhouette and makes your legs look longer. 

Fourth, get your spray tans ladies.  Your legs have been hidden for months and nothing makes you look thinner than a little color.  A spray tan will make you look healthier and you will not have any of those strange tans lines that come from using self-tanners.  Don’t go overboard with this step, just be natural. 

And last but not least, a flowing shear top.  One of the easiest Spring 2015 trends is fringe.  It is showing up in tops all over the market and very wearable on all body types. 

I hope these tidbits have reminded you of how great a good pair of Cropped Skinny Jeans can be to your wardrobe.



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