What to wear on Summer Fridays ☺

Summer weather is finally here, so we’re counting down some of our favorite work-to-play looks. Because it’s Friday, and after-hour cocktails are sounding pretty darn good after a long workweek. 

No. 1

Take our simple yet chic Kate Skirt. It’s perfect A-line accentuates your waist while giving you an hourglass figure that makes you feel confident at the work place and hot for the night out. Pair it with some cute wedges and a tank or simply tie up that white summer work blouse. Either way, it’s all eyes on you.


No. 2

Our Audrey Ankle in Almond gets a triple A rating. Get it? Lightweight and super soft, you just can’t go wrong with these versatile pants. Dress them up with a comfortable flowy top, sweater and brown heels for work. Then ditch the sweater, roll up the cuffs and you’re ready to meet the girls downtown or get away for the weekend.

No. 3

Available in Dark BlueClassic Blue and White our classic Audrey Denim Skirt slims your figure and never rides up or down no matter how many meetings you have to run to or kids you have to run after. It pairs perfectly with a tucked in flowy white T for work. Keep those heels on or switch to some cute flats or sneaks before you head out.

Want three more reasons to look forward to Fridays? Check out our newest lengths made for summer weekend fun!

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