End of Summer Styling

Summer's nearly over (sniff, sniff) but that doesn't mean you need to pack away your favorite summer styles just yet. Check out our top 5 transition pieces for end of summer styling that will carry you straight through the cooler months to come.

Numbers 1 and 2

Audrey Ankle Sand and Audrey Ankle Almond:

Summer: Goes great with light nude colors.

Fall/Winter: Goes great with rich browns.

Number 3

Audrey Skirt Dark Blue:

Summer: Goes great with simple white T and flip-flops.

Fall/Winter: Goes great with tights and booties with a tucked in white long sleeve T.

Number 4

Kelly Skinny White

Summer: Goes great with white. White on white is a YES!

Fall/Winter: Feeling bold? Goes great with all white as well. 

Number 5

Audrey Ankle Classic Blue

Summer: Goes great with white or nudes. Pair with a cute hat.

Fall/Winter: Goes great with light browns and beige sweaters.

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