Ask Kathy... Getting to know the 2015 Holiday Collection

Beija-Flor's Co-Founder and Design Director, Kathy Moça, shares some thoughts about Beija-Flor's newest collection for the 2015 holiday season. 

What inspired you to create The Holiday Collection?

I think the inspiration for this collection probably comes from way back in my experience as a buyer, over 25 years ago.  There always seemed to be a tradition for the holiday season to naturally blend into the spring season. Though it might be freezing in many parts of the country, many people still travel to warmer weather during the season.  So along with the traditional black (our Audrey Animal Print) and red (our Kelly Chili Pepper) the customer needs pieces to wear in warmer climates.

Why did you focus on black and white for the holiday prints?

The black and white theme marks a change from the traditional fall colors to a crisp and bright, transitional palate for the winter months.

What sets these particular prints apart?

Besides having a wonderful stretch and fit, our Kelly Windowpane has a very unique double face quality that makes an adorable cuff.  The Kelly Glen Plaid Black was a natural extension of our incredibly popular Glen Plaid Brown which literally flew off the shelves in early fall. 



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  • Catherine Porporino

    I was looking for jeans for women over 40 that don’t hurt and look good, no mommy jeans. So as usual I just googled “best jeans fitting for women over 40”. I found your website and decided to give them a try. $175.00 for good jeans is worth it to me. I have been bless with a Naturally Brazilian booty so it made sense. I loved the Jeans and bought a second pair as soon as I got the coupon for $25 off my second pair. My only concern is that my little metal coin pocket tag fell off immediately. Needless to say I will be sewing it back and still love the jeans.

    Just wanted to give you the heads ups because I do love the jeans and it is a simple fix with thread.

    I would recommend these jeans to anyone who wants a nice booty, cool and comfortable jeans.

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