Beija-Flor Jeans. Not only a Perfect Jean, but a friend to the environment too!

In today’s competitive market, it is all about differentiation. Kathy Moca, co-founder and creative director, of Beija-Flor Jeans, discusses her strategy of staying ahead of the denim trend by not only offering an exceptional fitting jean, but providing consumers with a jean they can “feel good about.” Their eco-chic campaign illustrates how Beija-Flor Jeans are made with the best interest of not only their customers, but of the environment too!

What does eco-chic mean?

K: Eco-chic translates into “fashion your can feel good about.” This message is what our entire eco-friendly campaign is all about. We want to promote the fact that our jeans can make any women look & feel good. We are not only offering a great fitting jean, but a jean that is true to sustaining the environment.

How is Beija-Flor practicing sustainability?

K: We practice sustainability in how are jeans are produced. Its quite simple, the factory that we use (located in Brazil) realizes the most harm to the environment occurs in the “laundry” or washing stage of jean production. Therefore, they ensure each step of washing focuses on implanting sustainability. The types of machinery they use helps reduce water consumption by 55%. All the heated water returns to the laundry to be reused, or the water that is not reused is then treated and returned to the environment. Brazilians don’t like wasting water.

Is it hard doing business with a Brazilian manufacturer? Can you see yourself anywhere else?

K: If you asked me this 10 years ago, then I might have a different answer. However, now with Skype & the internet- it seems like the factory is just down the road.

I can’t see our jeans being produced anywhere else. GG is definitely not your typical textile factory- they don’t just pay wages, they offer their employees lunch, medical care, and even monthly birthday celebrations. We view them as an extension to our already “family run business.”

Why is it important for Beija-Flor to be eco-chic?

K: Being a denim brand means we deal with a lot of choices when it comes to manufacturing. You can’t imagine the detailed process a single jean goes through; from product development to its final washing. It is easy to get caught up in the manufacturing, and simply pick the cheapest or fastest option. Here at Beija-Flor, we are proud to be apart of this eco-chic movement that illustrates our decision to pick the most sustainable option.

What does “eco-chic” say to your customers?

K: It says we care about the environment, and produce a jean that is chic. When it comes to purchasing any item, consumers take a second and think- what is in it for me? We want to attract those customers who are socially responsible- looking for a jean that fits well, and is well made. We know if a jean doesn’t fit, it won’t sell. It is that plain and simple. However, a jean that does fit, and is made with care of the environmental stands out! We hope our new eco-chic tags will communicate the reality of what goes into making our jeans.

We like to think that our jeans gain more style, personality, and value when it leaves the GG Laundry. 

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