Giving Back Never Felt Better.

“I believe you don’t quite have anything unless you can give it to someone else” - Kiara kabukuru.

This past Saturday, some of the Beija-Flor girls, had the honor of meeting and listening to Kiara Kabukuru (international fashion model) MC at the benefiting event for Clemson University’s Building Dreams Mentoring Program. It was such a refresher to meet such an extraordinary fashionista, and to get a chance to listen to her plans of taking on the Building Dreams Mentoring Program as her newest philanthropic project! After speaking with Kiara, her genuine personality, awareness to others, and love for fashion instantly made her Beija-Flor Jeans newest believer. We couldn’t feel more honored to see Kiara in our jeans :)

To read more about the Building Dreams Mentoring Program click here.  

Amanda, Kiara (our newest Beija-Beliver), and Amy at Larkin’s Sawmill - Greenville SC

Our Nicole Jean was a HUGE hit (no surprise here)! Congrats to the newest owner of Oprah’s “figure fixer.”

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