Putting Emana to the Test!

It’s no secret that our Emana® technology is ground-breaking (just ask ELLE) but it wasn’t until six of us here at Beija-Flor decided to accept Emilie’s Emana® Challenge that we learned just how amazing these jeans could be.

For the month of May, we wore our Emana® jeans for 6 hours a day for 30 consecutive days. We coupled this with a month’s worth of wellness activities focused on the mind, body and spirit.

Here’s how we divided up the month:

Week 1

Day one of the challenge we showed up in our Emana® jean of choice (mine was Audrey) for a 30 minute walk around scenic Greenville. We did this routine each workday and quickly realized it would prove to be so much more than just a walk. It gave us uninterrupted time together to discuss business and learn more about each other. It was a great way to kick off our day… Physical activity, fresh air, laughter and good conversation!


Week 2

Wendy Schneider, The Pantry Doctor, kicked off the week with a discussion about all things nutrition. Wendy is all about balance when it comes to eating and getting your daily dose of greens. You’ll now see some of us with our “green juice” in hand as we start our day! 


Week 3

It was finally upon us… our Spring Warehouse Sale. We were so busy working with our amazing customers that we had no time to walk. BUT we got plenty of exercise in the preparation and during the sale. I think I logged more steps on those days than I had on my daily steps in the weeks prior!


Week 4

This week was all about the Spirit. As we winded down from the warehouse sale we had Katie Gillespie (Beija-Flor Denim Advisor and warehouse extraordinaire) lead us in a Yoga class, which ended up being everyone's favorite activity.

I was diligent and wore my jeans as directed and here's what I noticed:

1) My legs definitely felt noticeably softer and smoother.

2) With just 2 pairs of Emana® jeans to wear for 30 days, washing happened often and I noticed they air dried quickly and didn't lose any of their effect.

3) My legs weren't as fatigued even after being on my feet all day!

Our Emana jeans certainly stood up to the challenge and taking part in this challenge made all of us focus on wellness in a whole new way which has added so many healthy benefits to our daily routines!

Learn more about our Smart Fabric Technology here. 

-Jill Cody, Customer Service Associate

*To obtain the full cosmetic effect it is recommended to wear the jeans with Emana® for at least six hours daily during 30 consecutive days. Results not guaranteed.

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