“The Unicorn of Your Wardrobe: Flattering White Jeans” –StyleBlueprint

When it comes to StyleBlueprint’s checklist for finding flattering White Jeans, Beija-Flor cleared them all...

  1. Jeans thick enough to hide imperfections, but thin enough to be stretchy  ✓
  2. Jeans that allow you to wear undergarments comfortably  ✓
  3. Jeans that don’t amplify your cellulite  ✓
  4. Jeans that are not so stretchy  ✓
  5. Jeans that are not so stiff  ✓

“...They definitely get women's bodies. Just to be clear, these are Oprah’s favorite jeans, so they’ve got to be good to pass her test. [Beija-Flor's] white jeans fit your curves just right and still are flattering without looking too tight.”

Want to find your unicorn? Try our White Jeans in Audrey Ankle, Kelly Skinny and Kelly Cropped. They just might be those one-of-a-kind pants that you’ve been waiting for. 

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