What to Wear on the Biggest Date Night of the Year

When trying to decide what to write about this week, I had lots of ideas.  And then I looked at the calendar and realized there was a big heart on Saturday.  So of course the blog needs to be about Valentine’s Day and what would be a great date night outfit.  I jumped in with thoughts on the story and then realized there are two types of date nights happening on Valentine’s Day.  There is the Hot Date Night and the Low Key Date Night.  Since I fall into the second I will start with the Hot Date Night.  

 I am a romantic at heart and love the idea of getting dressed up and hitting the town for a great dinner and a little live music afterwards.  My thoughts on what to wear include a great pair of printed ankle jeans, silky v-neck top, an amazing pair of heals and just a hint of sparkly jewelry.  As for your makeup, keep it simple with great smoky eyes and black mascara.  The goal ladies, is to make his heart skip a few beats. This would be my ideal Valentines Date Night Outfit: 


So now we discuss Low Key Date Night Outfits.  This style would be perfect for the moms with small kids, the couple not wanting to brave the crowds and of course all the single gals.  This would be how I am spending Valentine's Day.  And for the record, I am single but don't plan on sulking on Valentine's Day and I am certainly not going to watch one of those sappy Meg Ryan movies either.    I am a beautiful, strong, amazing woman who happens to currently be single and I don't feel like Hallmark and various candy companies need to make me feel bad about this.  My plans include a great bottle of wine, the BBC (my Big Brown Couch), takeout from the hot food bar at The Fresh Market and of course Gregory Peck and a Roman Holiday.  The goal ladies, is to enjoy your evening and relax.  This would be my ideal Low Key Valentines Date Night Outfit: 


I want to wish you the happiest of happy Valentine's Day!




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