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Local denim company Beija-Flor is partnering with the city on a new line of branded clothing. / Lillia Callum-Penso, The Greenville News

There are 36 Greenvilles in the country but this one is making itself known — that was the message at the one-year anniversary party of VisitGreenvilleSC.

One year after launching a new branding campaign, the city has successfully communicated that it isn’t like the others, that instead, it is “that Greenville,” the one that was recognized as a favorite unexpected destination by O Magazine; the one that Esquire labeled the next big food city in the South; the one that Southern Living named one of the South’s tastiest towns; and the one that produced “The Voice” hopeful Delvin Choice, who was on hand to help celebrate.

“As Greenville sees itself as a place that’s fresh and new and exciting and dynamic and picking up a lot of momentum, we see that in you,” Chris Stone, president of VisitGreenvilleSC, told Choice, who also performed at the party.

“Not only are we proud of you, but (we’re proud) you were able to share Greenville with the rest of the country.”

The celebration was twofold, though, to celebrate the city and its many accomplishments and to announce the launch of a new “Yeah, That Greenville” collection.

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