Ladies We Love; Artist Spotlight on Melissa Anderson

melissa anderson southern artist beija flor jeans ladies we love artist spotlight

Melissa Anderson is a successful contemporary impressionist painter local to Beija-Flor’s Flagship location in Greenville, SC. We chatted with Melissa this week about trends, classic styles, comfort, and never making concessions on what feels good to you. Especially when it comes to your jeans.

Melissa was so excited when she tried on her first pair of Beija-Flor jeans. She’s been to many boutiques around town and all over the world claiming their jeans are ethically made and will fit just right. As she stated, she was surprised to find that she had been making “concessions.”

The jeans she was buying would fit in one place but not the other and almost always had a gap waist. For a petite and curvy woman who doesn’t want to wear “old lady” jeans or something too young, trendy, and not her style - our jeans were a perfect fit. She exclaimed, “these just fit, I can’t explain it any other way.” After a few squat tests, she came to the conclusion that not only could she work in these jeans, the slight sheen, pant-like material lent them to be dressed up as well, for example, to an open studio event. Her favorite jean, pictured here, is the Nicole Satin Black. She also found the Audrey to be very flattering on her.

beija flor jeans greenville sc ladies we love artist spotlight melissa anderson studio contemporary impressionist

In a previous life, Melissa was an attorney. She took a much-needed sabbatical from her career in law to reset and came out of it the creative success she is today. She says with great passion, “With a raw desire to create, my mind moves from one visual to another melding colors, shapes, and forms. I stand before the easel daily because I want to know what would happen if I tried a different method, scraped the canvas, added blue rather than red. The result is an abundance of works that invariably demonstrate a colorist approach to my palette, while my forms range from loose to substantially real.”

Melissa lives joyfully and authentically and that’s why we were so excited to get a peek at her creative space. We were thrilled to visit her bright and cheery studio to get the inside scoop on her creative routines, work attire, and inspiration. She wasn’t wrong. The colors, the swirls, the eclectic arrangements, inspire. With deep reds, saffrons, and indescribably perfect mixes of blue and green surrounding us, this was the perfect place for a mini photoshoot.

beija flor jeans nicole satin black melissa anderson southern artist greenville sc

Beija-Flor is so excited to spend more time with the Ladies We Love, like Melissa Anderson. Stay tuned, as we feature more interesting and brilliantly creative ladies in the near future.


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