"Wear your way to smoother skin with Beija-Flor Jeans" -Allure

Want to know what beauty authority Allure thinks about our revolutionary Emana® jeans?

"For under $200 a pair, the collection of cute crops, skinny jeans, and bootcut denim promises to make your butt look good by actually improving the appearance of your naked derrière. Rather than ordinary denim, Beija-Flor jeans are made with a fabric technology called 'Emana.'

Promoting healthier muscles and skin circulation just by doing something you probably do every day anyway (or at least on the weekends) is awesome.

We love the very real confidence boost delivered by a pair of good-butt jeans... your butt will look great in or out of Beija Flor jeans."

Click here to read the rest of what Allure had to say.

Interested in trying out the Emana® challenge? Click here to get a pair. 

*To obtain the full cosmetic effect it is recommended to wear the jeans with Emana® for at least six hours daily during 30 consecutive days. Results not guaranteed.

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