Lady We Love



As everyone gets to know their homes a little better right now, we could think of only one lovely lady to spotlight this month - the marvelous maven of interior design, Tracy Kurczaba of Tracy Kurc Interiors & Styling.

And if this shot of her looks familiar, it’s because we were lucky enough to shoot our Spring 2020 Catalog in her gorgeous Chicago home.

Give us a few tips on creating the perfect WFH space.

In our current environment, it’s challenging for those who don't have a specific home office.  You don't need a separate room, but instead a carved out space that can be organized around what you need. If you don't have to keep getting up, then you’re more apt to stay focused. 

I also always like a space near a window, layers of light (overhead and a table/desk lamp will do the trick) a comfortable chair, a narrow color palette (beautiful yet limits distractions) and a natural element; silver dollar eucalyptus or an orchid plant have a modern appeal and also lasting power. 

What's your favorite aspect of being an interior designer?

I love witnessing transformation. I know what a space should feel or look like before any real construction has started and to see the space come to life is always exciting.

I'm lucky as I have a broad set of clients ranging from restaurants, bars and nightclubs to family homes and vacation spots.  Each one is completely different and being able to create a beautiful space that serves as a backdrop for real life where special moments happen is what keeps me pushing myself.


Want to see more?

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