Beija Box -Free Trial Program


Life is too short to not love your jeans.

Hi there! My name is Amy and I have a secret for you…you’re going to LOVE these jeans!! Kathy and Emilie have created a problem/solution based brand that changed my opinion of jean shopping over eight years ago and now I want to change your opinion too. These jeans will change your life and I believe this so much that I will take all the risk away and make jean shopping painless and enjoyable. Just think of me as your Denim Advisor. I can guide you through the shopping process and help you pick out the perfect pair or pairs! Because I believe in these jeans so much I have created the Beija Box Program.

This program allows you to try on up to four pairs of jeans in the privacy of your own home risk free. The Beija Box Program is as easy as putting on a pair of pants…


First put your right leg in: Call me to discuss your size, your height, your lifestyle and your denim dilemmas or fill out this form.

Second put your left leg in: Enter in your card to our secure server.

 (Your credit card will be kept on file and charged for any pairs you do not return to me within 10 days.)



Third, you have to zip up those pants: Try on the jeans in the privacy of your home, show them to a friend or spouse, match them up with the perfect shoes in your closet.


Finally you have to button those jeans: Keep what you love and send back what does not work. Don’t worry I paid for that shipping too. See I told you the Beija Box was as easy as putting on a pair of jeans.

Oh and did I mention that you look amazing in those new jeans!



Amy V

Your Denim Advisor PS…This is not a one-time program. You can sign up to have a new Beija Box sent to you monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or just call me when you feel the need to get a new pair!