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We love Beija-Flor Jeans for many reasons, but one big one is that they are designed by Mother-Daughter team, Kathy & Emilie.

Mary N.

I love your jeans, and have 4 pair! My daughter turned me on to your product, and now we both look great in our jeans!

Jill B.

Jeans PSA: I've struggled to find jeans that fit, keep the fit after washing/drying, that are comfortable, that do not stretch all day while you wear them, that I don't have to hike up to keep on my hips, etc... Do ya feel the pain, ladies? I know you do! I finally found them and have to share. I get nada for this, except that I think everyone should owns jeans that make them feel like a rockstar. Beija-Flor Jeans are life changing and amazing. No muffin top, not baggy but not too tight, the LENGTH - I finally found a jean that actually fits my longish length. Check them out!

You have made a believer out of me! THE perfect fit, no muffin top, and I've washed and dried them several times and that's the true test! Thank you for changing my mind about all the 'problem' areas I see in the mirror. Customer for life!

Melissa L.

I have a pair of these! Love! Love! Love! Them!!!

Deena S.

I 💗 my new Jennifer Skinny in dark navy and brown corduroy! Beija Flor makes it possible for me to feel stylish and confident through all the seasons in my life.

Lynsey K.

Bought my first pair a couple of weeks ago in Greenville, SC. I love them! Perfect fit and comfortable. The sales service was excellent. It won't be my last pair!

Debra S.

Love them!! Best fit EVER!!

Rhonda M.

Traveling for business all week - have my Emilie, Audrey and all-time favorite Amanda styles with me. My go too wardrobe! Thanks Ladies!

Tammy T.

I will say a very very big YES to these jeans. We deserve to feel good in our clothes. Beija flor has answered us…every time we put on jeans and thought, oh well this is as good as it gets. No it does get better with clothes that are truly constructed for women. I cannot say enough about beija flor…except thank you for your commitment to helping women feel better.

Therese R.

My daughter lives in Greenville, SC and she introduced me to Beijaflor. Bought my first pair this spring and I must say they are superbly comfortable and hold their shape.

Lynn T.

I am IN LOVE with the jeans!!!! Two things I hate trying on are bathing suits and jeans! I can never find the right fit but these denims are AMAZING!!!!

Catenya M.

Beija Flor Jeans Rock!!! ❤❤ Get yourself a pair or 17☺

Jennifer K.

I would not leave home without a pair of your jeans! You are truly a gem for Greenville and all women who wear jeans. Congratulations on your success which is well deserved. I encourage everyone to check out Beija Flor!

Lynne B.

I saw you on Talk of The Town & thought maybe I can finally find a pair of jeans that will fit my body. I don't even want to guess how much money & how many pair of jeans I have that I can't or don't wear because they do not fit & feel terrible. Well, I no longer have this problem after trying on your wonderful jeans. I chose the Audrey but plan to return when I have more time to shop. My cousin was with me & she also purchased a pair. I live 80 miles out of Nashville & she's 100 miles but shop regularly in Green Hills. The young lady who assisted us was very nice & helpful but we just didn't have enough shopping time. So glad you are in Nashville.

Frankie S.

The perfect travel pant. Most comfortable pant I have ever owned and will never buy another brand of jeans... I absolutely love the Jennifer skinny in Emana. And the material is heaven.

Sharon D.

This company is doing so many things right. I have really enjoyed the jeans--they stretch with me but never stretch out uncomfortabley like other jeans do. Beija-Flor ships fast, has a great online shopping and checkout system in place, and has been great about returning items for free if I changed my mind/needed something different. Great product with a generous, 'every customer experience counts' kind of service team!

Meranda M.

Best fitting jeans! I'm so happy with the fit and style and they truly work for both me and my 30 year old daughter.

Eva E.

I hate pants-shopping because it's demoralizing: nothing ever fits, is comfortable, *and* looks good. Beija Flor's jeans did.

Elizabeth G.

The fit and the fabric are an unbeatable combination for the ultimate comfort and style in a pair of jeans. I've found my favorites and they will always be a staple in my wardrobe!

Glyn S.

I love the fit and fabric. I feel slim and sexy. Definitely my favorite jeans.

Leslie F.

Bought my first pair from my favorite boutique some years ago and immediately FELL IN LOVE! Then discovered I could buy them online so have been ordering my Jennifer Skinny Jeans from Beija-Flor directly ever since. Have probably 10 pairs in multiple colors. The denim is still the best fit... This the ONLY pant I have ever been able to order online and have it fit every time. Love the comfort, style and consistency of your product!!!

Anne K.

I've always struggled finding jeans that fit me because of my lower body curves. The Nicole fit is super flattering on me and makes me feel good about my body which is really empowering for someone who loves jeans but doesn't love how they fit. I'm really excited to try the Nicole petite boot cut!! The jeans are also really comfortable which is very important to me.

Liz S.

I have numerous styles of Beija Flor jeans and I love them all. No matter if I'm in my skinny sizes or my larger ones, they are the most flattering jeans ever. As a tall girl, I also love the length! Can't say enough good things about them.

/ Liz B.

These jeans are so comfortable! I wear a petite and I was able to get a pair of Audrey ankle dark blue jeans, the first pair I ordered, and they fit me perfectly. The customer service was excellent and I received my jeans quickly, just in time before I left for vacation. I wore them them several days during my vacation and walked for miles in the cities and they felt great! After washing and drying they felt the same! Love them!!!

Beth M.

Love the fit & style of these jeans! Love the service & convenience of trying them on at home, too as I'm often short on time to shop. #BeijaFlorJeans makes it easy to order & if necessary, return. I highly recommend them.

Jeanne M.

I was looking for jeans for women over 40 that don’t hurt and look good, no mommy jeans. So as usual I just googled “best jeans fitting for women over 40”. I found your website and decided to give them a try. $175.00 for good jeans is worth it to me. I have been blessed with a Naturally Brazilian booty so it made sense. I loved the Jeans and bought a second pair. I would recommend these jeans to anyone who wants a nice booty, cool and comfortable jeans.

Catherine P.

These are jeans that will change your life. I'm wearing them now and I will never buy another pair of jeans. They are cut to fit a woman's figure and they just fit. I have never been able to say that about another jean in my entire life.

Heidi B.

I LOVE THESE BERMUDAS!!! Then again, I love Beija Flor jeans in general, I have at least 10 pair in different styles and colors. You can't beat the quality and styling, and now I'm jumping for joy that the designers/manufacturers of Beija Flor kept in mind that Bermudas are for summer to early autumn wear and made them in a lightweight fabric. They fit PERFECTLY with a bit of room to spare, and they are SO comfortable!! I hope Beija Flor offers their Bermudas in more colors next year.

Sally B.