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One of our absolute favorite blogs, Popsugar turned to our own, Kathy Moça, to get expert tips on finding the best white jean for any body type and her must know secrets from how to clean them, to the best possible material for your white jeans.

Kathy’s Top 5 Must-Know Secrets:

-- Avoid anything sheer.
-- Pockets are of utmost importance.
-- Go for white stitching.
-- Never dry-clean white jeans.
-- Wear them with a white top.

But what about finding the perfect fitting jean for your body type? Kathy offered her top picks for every body

Who: Petite ladies
Kathy’s Pick: Skinny Jeans (check out our Audrey Ankle in White)
Kathy says: “You want to elongate your legs, and having loose bottoms and extra material fails to do that.”

Who: Athletic ladies
Kathy’s Pick: Straight Leg Jeans
Kathy says: “If you want a looser fit, straight-leg white jeans are perfect for you, and they look sort of modern.”

Who: Pear-shaped ladies
Kathy’s Pick: Skinny Jeans (check out our Kelly Skinny in White)
Kathy says: “This is another case when a fitted, tapered leg is going to elongate your body and make you look slimmer.”

Who: Curvy ladies
Kathy’s Pick: Bootcut or Flare Jeans
Kathy says: “With white jeans, you almost always have to go a size up no matter what body type, so don’t be afraid to do just that.”  

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