Greenville: A Gem of a Southern Town –The Huffington Post

When Blogger Robin Gorman Newman at The Huffington Post decided to plan her family vacation, our hometown of Greenville, South Carolina came on her radar as the perfect pick. And out of all her 'must-visits' in Greenville, Beija-Flor ranked #1 for shopping!


From Huffington Post:

"The staff [at Beija-Flor] was extremely helpful, and they really know their stock.  I felt like I was being treated like royalty trying on a bunch of styles and patterns before selecting a pair to take home with me…. a fun Windowpane pattern. It’s no wonder actresses including Viola Davis and Lisa Rinna are fans!  (P.S. Gotta love the pretty bird logo, which adorns their reusable shopping bag!)"

We loved meeting Robin and we thank her and HuffPost for the local love!

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