DIY: Released Hem

Audrey Ankle Stone Wash

For the ladies who want to add some extra length and/or texture to their Audrey Ankle Jeans, we recommend releasing the hem. You can easily create this on-trend look yourself with the following tools: a stitch picker, iron/washer/dryer, scissors (optional), and sandpaper (optional).

Step 1: Turn jeans inside out or fold the cuffs inside out.

Step 2: Use the stitch picker to carefully break the thread all the way around the hem until it is completely released. Pay close attention to what you’re breaking so that you do not unintentionally rip your jeans.

Step 3: Once the hems on both legs are released, iron them flat or wash and dry the jeans to flatten them.

Optional Step 4: Use sandpaper to create rougher edges on the released hems.

Optional Step 5: Use scissors to trim any extra long or unwanted strings on the edges.

Audrey Ankle Dark Blue

We want to see your results! Post your released hem Audrey Ankle Jeans (or other Beija-Flor Jeans) on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag @beijaflorjeans.

Before you know it, you’ll want to use this process on all of your jeans! Click here to shop Audrey Ankle to get started.

 Audrey Ankle Stone Wash

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