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Skirts often feel like must-haves in the warmer seasons, but we often neglect them come late Fall because looking chic while staying warm can be a tough task once temperatures drop. Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice warmth or style with a denim skirt, because there are many ways to make it suitable for the season. Below we have a few style tips on how to wear denim skirts in Fall and Winter.

Wear with tights or leggings.

Keep those legs from getting too chilly with a pair of tights, or really block the cold with a good pair of leggings. Complete the outfit with a pair of ankle boots and a cute fitted sweater or cardigan for a classy look.

Tights or Leggings
Images: Mannequin Parade, A Clothes Horse

Wear with a coat.

When the weather gets really frigid, you’ll want a nice pea coat or trench coat to block the wind and keep you looking chic. Tights, boots, and a scarf help complement the look and add to the warmth.

Images: Just Fire Fits, Red Reiding Hood

Wear with tall boots.

If you want some extra warmth on your legs with or without tights/leggings or just really like tall boots, they work great with denim skirts in Fall and Winter.

Tall boots
Images: Lana Jayne, Courtney Toliver

Wear with an oversized sweater.

Oversized sweaters are very much on trend and are extremely warm and comfortable. This outfit works great with a tall pair of boots, with tights/legging, shorter boots, or even a cute pair of sneakers.

Oversized Sweater
Images: The Jinapher, Gal Meets Glam

Wear with flannel.

If flannel doesn’t scream “FALL,” we don’t know what does. You can make this outfit very warm and buttoned up with a vest and tall boots, or more relaxed with a tee when it’s not too cold out.

Images: Stella Wants to Die, Momma in Flip Flops

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