How to style colored jeans?

This season in denim it is all about color. Color is always a good thing. Adding color to your wardrobe is fun, and brings variety and contrast to your style. While many women may be intimidate to try colored jeans, don’t be afraid; embrace. The first step to wearing colored jeans is knowing your options, and not being afraid to experiment.

I have taken Beija-Flor Jeans’ current collection of colored skinny jeans, and created three easy options on “how to” style colored jeans! 

1. Neutrals

Pairing colored jeans with any neutral top is always safe. Neutrals include your basic black and white, and also expand to gray, brown, navy, and olive green. Neutral tops are great to pair with colored jeans because it gives you the option to accessorize with more color or patterns. For example if you take Beija-Flor’s Jennifer skinny in limoncello, and pair it with a navy top you can then accessorize with a scarf and a staple necklace. Don’t be afraid to bring in the tones from the colored jeans into your accessories.  Below I have created an easy guide showing which neutrals look best when paired with colored jeans:

Neutral Color

Best Paired With These Colored Jeans


strawberry, limoncello, tangerine, pomegranate, açaí


Kiwi, pomegranate, tangerine, blueberry

Beige or tan

Cosmo pink, rust, açaí, mint julep


Cosmo pink, strawberry, limoncello, kiwi, pomegranate

Olive green

Cosmo pink, limoncello, tangerine, açaí



(Colored jeans with neutrals)

2. Color blocking 

If you are looking for more of a bold statement, then I suggest to experiment with complementary colors on top when styling your colored jeans.  Remember the complementary colors do not have to be the same brightness. For example, if you are wearing Beija-Flor’s Jennifer skinny in açaí, you could pair this jean with a brighter yellow top. 


(Color blocking with colored jeans)

3. Pattern and Texture

One of the easiest ways to create balance when styling your colored jeans is to pair it with a pattern or textured top. When it comes to picking out a pattern be sure to bring in the same hues from the colored jeans. For example, if you are wearing Beija-Flor’s Jennifer skinny in kiwi, you would most likely look for a pattern with earthtones. If you want to wear Beija-Flor’s Jennifer skinny in mint julep, you would look for a pattern with teal, or go with a black and white print. Texture is always fun to pair with your colored jeans especially when the weather is getting colder. Faux fur, corduroy jacket, or a crocheted sweater all can be worn with colored jeans and creates dimension to your outfit. A neutral corduroy jacket or faux fur vest can be worn with any of Beija-Flor’s colored jeans.


(Pattern and texture tops with colored jeans)

I hope these tips help! Remember don’t be afraid to experiment :)


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