Insights with Kathy-Brazil (Design) Trip!

Personal interview with Kathy Moca (Beija-Flor’s Creative Director and Co-Founder)

After a ten-day journey, birthday celebration, and several visits to Guermar Group Factory (Beija-Flor’s manufacturer), Kathy Moca arrived safely from her bi-annual design trip to Espirito Santo, Brazil. Directly from the plane (after grabbing a quick bite to eat with daughter Emilie and grand daughter Virginia) Kathy shares with the rest of the Beija-Flor team her insights and new spring samples!!

5 Questions with Kathy:

 1 What inspirations/trends did you find during your recent trip to Espirito Santo, Brazil?

K: Every time I go to Brazil (whether it’s for business or pleasure) I cannot leave without finding some design inspirations. I believe Brazilian women are one of the most fashionable women in the world.  Just from walking in the streets to shopping in their malls, to no surprise, I saw a lot of skinny jeans! Mostly dark wash denim, worn in a minimalist manner, that gave off a sophisticated style. (I think the reason why the skinny jean is still trending is because of its ability to pair with any type of shoe, especially a great Brazilian heel) Other than denim, I saw a lot of animal print, which is interesting. Seeing that Brazil is one season ahead of us (it’s Fall there now), makes my visits there an added bonus for our designs.

2 What ranks as a favorite part of your trip?

K: That is hard to say, but if I had to choose, I would say my “personal” birthday celebration held by the factory where we produce our jeans. It just touched my heart to see such a large factory- with 400 plus employees- take time out of their day to celebrate my birthday. It was really sweet; they kept referring to me as “Senhora Beija-Flor” (Mrs. Beija-Flor).

 3. Out of the whole Fall 2011 Curvas Collection, which jean is your favorite?

K: I love all of our jeans in this collection, but I am most excited to introduce to all of our Beija-Flor Believers the Nicole, our new skinny butt lifting jean. 

 4.  Why did you decide to go with the name/focus for this upcoming fall collection on “curvas?”

K: While designing the new collection, I knew right away that I wanted to focus this season’s collection on loving one’s curves (curvas in Portuguese). With these new additions, especially the Nicole butt lifting jean and the Lauren hip slimming jean, I find this focus on curves to be fit perfect. Finding the right pair of jeans is all about balance. Women shouldn’t be forced to wear just one type of jean for their body type, but instead should learn to work with what they have in every style of jean. Creating a balance is how to love one’s curves. Our Fall 2011 Curvas Collection has every style from skinny to wide leg, and each style of jean gives any women the chance to love her curvas (as they should already!).

5. Name 3 staple items every women should have this fall in her closet:

·      Skinny Jean (that fits well!)

·      Awesome pair of shoes

·      White blouse

(I love the way a chic white blouse accents any dark wash denim)



…There you have it ladies, direct insights from Kathy!



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