Beija-Flor Jeans Invited to Attend ENK's Intermezzo Show!

Greenville, SC- Greenville based apparel brand, Beija-Flor Jeans, makes it big by accepting ENK International Intermezzo Apparel Show’s invitation. The show hosts some of the leading global apparel brands-BCBG, Free People, Hudson Jeans, to name a few. “It is quite an honor to be accepted into such an exclusive show,” Kathy Moca says with a smile. Kathy Moca, co-founder and creative director, tells us that in order to attend one of the ENK International shows, you only get three tries.

“This is our second attempt of getting invited. We applied three years ago when our brand just started to kick-off. Getting accepted this time is a big mile stone- it just shows how far we have grown as a company- and that we are here to stay!”

Beija-Flor Jeans’ first Beija-Boutique opened up in 2010 in Plaza Suite Boutique (downtown Greenville). Currently Beija-Flor is found in over 350 boutiques nationwide, and in Canada. 

It is quite a success story for the mother-daughter duo that first began selling their jeans six years ago at “ jean parties” in their homes. Now, Beija-Flor Jeans will be setting up booths at international apparel shows right next to other denim brands like J.Brand and Joe’s Jeans.

“It is a bit intimidating (and exciting) to be positioned near big house denim brands like Joe’s Jeans. It will definitely keep our minds in constant reminder of what differentiates Beija-Flor Jeans – that of our fit.” Kathy Moca tells us that she is sure buyers will be impressed with her upcoming Fall 2011 “Curvas” Collection, and Spring 2012 samples. “Buyers will be turning their heads twice when walking by our booth.”

It just shows the power of a small-business taking charge, being innovative, and believing in their product every step of the way.

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Now More Insights with Kathy…

What does ENK’s Intermezzo mean to Beija-Flor as a brand?

It means we are here to stay! It is a huge achievement for our brand- the buyers from the crème de la crème only attend these types of shows. Attending Intermezzo marks a big mile stone- it just shows how much we have learned about designing, branding, and coordinating production with delivery. We have managed to successfully develop a CORE to our selection, which seemed to impress ENK!

What makes ENK so exclusive?

ENK has a very selective application process for both vendors and buyers; buyers and vendors can only be invited to attend these shows. ENK makes sure to invite only those who are serious and dedicated to the fashion industry, which in the end guarantees the presence of exclusive brands.

 How are you preparing for the show?

We are trying to focus as much attention to this show- seeing how it is our first time; we want to make a great first impression! We have been strategizing booth layouts to perfection. We are really pleased with out final layout, and think the buyers will love our design. Also, we are incorporating both social media and e-mail marketing into our promotion. We want to make sure all of our Beija-Believers know where we are!

What are you most excited for at Intermezzo?

Since it is an international show, we are excited to meet with our Canadian customer for the first time. It also gives us a chance to meet some of our U.S. customers who don’t attend regional shows like Atlanta, Chicago, or Dallas. For example, we are excited to meet one of our first customers, “Creative Elegance,” from Philadelphia whom Beija-Flor has never “met”.

We also can’t wait to show-off our Spring 2012 samples. We have looked really hard to find the best fitting denim in our Brazilian textile factory to make sure our new pieces carry on the great Beija-Flor fit. Our Spring 2012 collection will carry our new work dress, blazer, POD skirt, and white jean!

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