New Website. Same Name.

Nowadays it seems almost second nature to Google a company’s name online, and browse its corporate website. While each company offers its customer a different experience when visiting their site, the purpose is the same - to inform their customer of who they are, what they do, and where to find their product. In Beija-Flor’s case, we learned seeing is believing.


(Stacey Jean zoomed in on)

We know that our product does not sell from sitting on a self, rather it sells once a customer slips it on in the fitting room and doesn’t want to take it off. Therefore, we knew we had to make our “Showroom” page (Our Jeans) very impressive. Our old website displayed our jeans folded and flat, which didn’t justifying the miracle fit of Beija-Flor. With the help from our website developers, The Skyline Group, we were able to make the customer feel as if they themselves are trying on the jean. We used real models, all different age and size, posing in each jean.  Our new showroom gives the viewer a chance to zoom in and out with each image, allowing them to really see how the jean fits. We have also include a brief bio of why that “model” loves this jean!

(Beija-Flor’s new homepage makes it easier for the viewer to navigate to each tab. Each group of women takes the viewer to a different section of the site) 

There are always improvements to be made, and especially now with the power of technology, Beija-Flor sees their website continuously upgrading. We want to make our website a one stop place for our Beija Believers to go and see our latest jeans, buzz, and store openings.

(Beija-Flor Jean’s “Buzz” Page gives the viewer access to their blog, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa Photos, and YouTube videos.)

Our product didn’t change, just the way we displayed it did. We are now dealing with international clientele and tech savvy buyers, therefore we wanted to make our new website their key outlet to the Beija-Flor brand. There is no doubt that the website does a great job representing the authenticity, eco-chic, and fit-focused aspects of the Beija-Flor brand.

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