Meet our fall crush!

Betsy POD Skirt by beijaflorjeans featuring striped stockings

Betsy POD Skirt, $159.00
Missoni mohair sweater, £728
Falke striped stocking, $58
Mid heels, $190

Beija-Flor’s ultimate fall crush. The Betsy POD Skirt came early this season, and the designers of Beija-Flor couldn’t be more pleased! This timeless denim piece makes any transition into the fall/winter season a breeze. There are so many ways to incorporate the Betsy POD skirt into your daily rotation - whether you are looking for a quick out the door errand run, or something to wear for Friday’s ladies night, this denim skirt does just that. Its versatility and super soft Brazilian denim (not to mention its engineered elastic waistline) makes it the most comfortable, yet totally chic must-have denim piece in your closet!

Don’t be afraid to pair it with some colored tights, like these Flake striped stockings shown above, or an oversized chunky sweater. 

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