Denim for the Holidays!

This past Thanksgiving, we received a comment from a loyal customer saying how she was, “so thankful to have her Gillian POD this Thanksgiving.” While fashion was probably not on the minds of either the pilgrims or Indians, in today’s time, us women know how thankful it is to find a pair of jeans that looks and fits great!

The staff of Beija-Flor Jeans gives their “thanks” by offering their personal holiday denim-outfit!

1. Amy, Director of Sales – Loves, loves, loves her Gillian POD Skinny

2. Jennifer, Director of Operations – Knows her Stacey Bootcut Jean will never fade on her during the holidays. 

3. Amanda, Director of Communications – Knows her Amy Wide-leg Jean and sparkle will always boost her holiday spirit!

4. Rachel, Marketing/PR Intern – Always on the go, can’t live without her Betsy POD Skirt over winter break.

5. Emilie, Co-Founder – Can’t wait to show off her Nicole Butt-lifting Jean!

6. Kathy, Co-Founder – When in doubt will always stick to her classic Beth Skinny Jean for any holiday occasion!

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