Is it too early to buy spring clothing?

If you are like most shoppers, you probably have noticed the colors, fabrics, and cuts in most stores are getting brighter, lighter, and shorter! While, this may seem crazy for most, especially those living in the Midwest or Northeast…temperatures are rising and people are starting to head south for vacation!

The added bonus for buying spring clothing early is a) convenience - your size and color choice is guaranteed in stock, b) emergency - whether global warming takes effect, or you get invited to a weekend getaway, having spring options is your security blanket, and finally c) forward thinking - go ahead and start pre-planning outfits with last years fashions for that upcoming vacation!

Here is a sneak peak of our Denim Studio Collection that you can find in your nearest Beija-Boutique :) 

(From Right to Left)

Betsy POD Skirt, Rachel POD Skinny, Amanda Trouser, Elise Crop

Betsy POD Skirt, Emilie Peace, Jarrett Tangerine, and Judy Jean

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