Beija-Flor brings Men's AZ Jeans to Atlanta Apparel!


Greenville, SC (April 10) – American women’s favorite Brazilian made jeans, Beija-Flor, partners with their Brazilian manufacturer in bringing AZ Jeans, a Brazilian men’s line to America. Being a mother, wife, and mother-in-law, Kathy, Beija-Flor’s designer, soon discovered the male need in the American market of finding a good fitting jean.  “It was during my recent design trip to the Beija-Flor factory that I was convinced to partner with the AZ Jeans,” said Kathy. “It is just amazing to see how talented and educated the Brazilians are when it comes to denim.” The AZ Jeans line is a private label to Beija-Flor Jeans’ denim manufacturer, located in Espirito Santo Brazil.

Only selective styles will be available to American buyers says Kathy. “Brazilian men like their jeans very fitted, something that the male U.S population is slowly working its way to.” Therefore, the mother-daughter denim duo carefully selected six jeans that mirror image the exact timeless styles, mid-rise fit, and lightweight feel that Beija-Flor Jeans offers to its female consumers.

The introduction of the AZ Jeans will be Atlanta Apparel’s first glimpse of Brazilian made jeans for men. Buyers will be able to see all six styles during Beija-Flor Jeans’ Daily Strut runway held at AmericasMart building 3 in downtown Atlanta, GA. For more information relating to the event, visit

By launching the AZ Jeans brand with Beija-Flor’s entire women’s denim collection, Kathy and Emilie soon hope to end the search for the perfect jean for both men and women. 

The AZ Jeans brand focuses on providing men with unique designs in a minimalist manner. The designs are based around a man who chooses to surround himself with the “good things” in life. The lifestyle brand uses inspiration from Brazilian music, fashion, art, and technology.

To learn more about AZ Jeans, visit their website at

Here is a sneak peak…


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