April's Atlanta Market

Living in the Southeast gives you a few perks when attending AmericasMart - close proximity, strong relationships, and a feeling of home. While the close proximity (150 miles) makes it an easy drive, transporting an entire booth, 6 mannequins, and over 100 jeans has started to become a bit more difficult.

This AmericasMart the Beija-Flor team decided to condense their booth into a new wooden crate! Thank goodness for all the wonderful help from AmericasMart’s employees in the loading dock station that we were able to arrive all in one piece! 


Other than the easy commute to Atlanta, we couldn’t have been more spoiled being on the Premiere floor. The complimentary “Java Jolt” right outside our booth gave us an extra kick to start off every day on the right foot. Not to mention all the great presentations and giveaways!    

Overall, it was a great market! We couldn’t have asked for a better debut of our Fall 2012 collection, and Beija-Flor’s first Daily Strut Runway show. So glad to see all of our existing accounts, and cannot wait for our new stores to get our jeans. Not to mention, SO excited for June!

Here are some highlights from Atlanta-

                                                        (Kathy & Mr. Portman)

(Mannequins in our NEW “CareTag” collection - peace, love, and happiness!)

Daily Strut Sponsored by Beija-Flor


                                   (Atlanta Apparel’s Center Stage Runway) 


                                 (Emilie & Kathy at Beija-Flor’s final walk)

Post Beija-Love Daily Strut Reception


   (Lou & Doug from Certain Things)                      (Terry from Plaza Suite) 

(All the models with Kathy & Emilie. Special appearance from Emilie’s daughter, Virginia)

                                                   (Beija-Flor Team)

THANK YOU AmericasMart!

(Delicious goodies from the girls in Atlanta Apparel)

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