6 Ultra-Chic Ways to Cuff Your Jeans

With warmer temps finally upon us, it's time to add more style and versatility to your denim wardrobe with these six ideas for cuffing your pants.


1. The Superskinny Cuff

Fold your jeans to create a half-inch cuff. This allows you to show off a bit of skin and it gives your legs a more proportioned look.

Best paired with: ankle booties, pointed toe heels and wedges

2. The Wide Cuff

Looking for more of a casual look? Create a 2-inch cuff and scrunch it down a bit for chic yet relaxed style.

Best paired with: flats, slip-on sneaks and sandals

3. The Rolled Up Cuff

Change it up! Try rolling your pant cuff instead of folding. How? Roll your 1-inch cuff two times to create a cylinder-like cuff.

Best paired with: pointed toe flats, plain sneaks

4. The Tuck It Under Cuff

Best fabric for this cuff: Lycra, as it keeps the fold in tact. Just fold however much you’d like, iron the cuff, and then flip the cuff back under, inside the leg.

Best paired with: high heels and ballet flats

5. The Single Cuff

The skinny jeans go-to style. This is the easiest, most versatile and most seen cuff around. Just fold each leg up 1 – 1 ½ inches and you’re set.

Best paired with: anything!

6. The Tom-Boy Cuff

Call out your inner-swagger. How to style? Fold your jeans 2-3 inches and then simply fold the hem down. Your inner street style will shine through.

Best paired with: high heels and sneakers

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