Spring Break in Disney Land!

One of my best childhood friends and I decided to take our families to California for Spring Break. We started our trip at the San Diego Zoo and ended at Disneyland. In order to get the most out of our trip, we researched everything - best places to stay, which rides to go on, where to eat, when to get there, which shows were the best, etc. We joked to our spouses that we could start a blog about how to do Disneyland and they responded - that's been done!

We were both concerned about what to pack for our children as the weather in California can change quickly throughout the day and we had limited space due to airplane travel. Both Natalie and I consider ourselves to be master packers and patted ourselves on the back at how well we packed for our kids. One thing I took for granted however was packing for myself. Thankfully that's where Beija-Flor® jeans came through. Without any prior discussion, both of us showed up for our first day at Disney in skinny Beija-Flor jeans cuffed with nike tennis shoes. Not only did we look cute, but we were both extremely comfortable throughout the day as the weather fluctuated between 45 and 70 degrees and we trekked all throughout the park.

My Beija-Flors really came through for me when we decided to go on Grizzly River Run water ride. When we sped through the nonexistent line and hopped on the raft, I naively asked the ride attendant, "Are we going to get wet?" As we headed for the rapids, she smiled and replied, "Yes, and you are probably going to get soaked." Now we understood the lack of line for a water ride in the 55 degree weather! (The riders who had on ponchos ahead of us should have also been a clue.) Either way, we did indeed get soaked. Our six year old loved it, and we enjoyed the laugh. As soon as we got off the ride we had to purchase a change of clothes for our daughter. But as my husband's jeans stayed soaked, my Beija-Flors were dry within a half hour.

Later that night my friend and I got to escape for a girls night, so we both rolled down our Beija-Flor jeans, changed our shoes, and voila, we had a whole new look and were ready to hit the town!

Our research paid off. We had a fantastic time at Disneyland. And we realized no matter where we stay or what we do for our next adventure we will be sure to pack our Beija-Flor jeans.

To see our suggestions for your next adventure, stay tuned for our Spring Break Packing List being released later today!

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