"There was a definite difference in the look of my skin." -FastCompany

Fast Company took our jeans made with revolutionary Emana® for a 30 day* test drive and the results were incredible!

"At the end of the 30 days, I assessed the results. To my eye, there was a definite difference in the look of my skin, especially on the front of my thighs. They appeared as though I had just applied lotion. My legs did look dramatically different: smoother and somehow more toned... All I know is that they looked good. And that’s really all that matters.

The cost of Beija-Flor’s jeans made from Emana® are $188. But if you factor in cost per wear, it comes to just a little over $6 a day. Some people spend that much on coffee each morning... And they do fit well. Beija-Flor prides itself on making sure their jeans don’t ride down or gap at the waist. They’re soft and comfortable.

I’d give Beija-Flor’s Emana® jeans an A for ease of use. It certainly beat having to remember to take a supplement, or spending time and money applying creams or wraps that have minimal long-term effect."

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*To obtain the full cosmetic effect it is recommended to wear the jeans with Emana® for at least six hours daily during 30 consecutive days. Results not guaranteed.

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