Style Tips: How to Wear Those White Jeans

Summer is practically here and Beija-Flor Bright White Jeans are a must-have in most closets. We all know what we can wear with blue jeans, but there can be some uncertainty on how to style white jeans. If you are one of those unsure individuals or would just like some inspiration, below are several tips on how to wear white jeans.


Keep it simple.

You can wear your white jeans just like you would regular jeans. Pairing them with a simple tee, sweater, or button-down will work perfectly for the basic look. And if you want to add a touch of flare to the outfit, a piece of jewelry, a bright cardigan, or a blue denim jacket will do the trick.

Keep it simple

Images: My Style Vita, Love Lenore


Get dressy.

Not only can white jeans be worn like regular blue jeans, they practically can be treated like dress pants. It all depends on what you wear with them. They can easily be dressed up with a bright top, a professional blouse, a blazer, or a floral top—or floral blazer like the left image below. Add some heels and flashy accessories and you’re ready for a stylish day at work, a night on the town, or a fabulous Sunday brunch.

Get dressy

Images: Style Elixir, Southern Curls & Pearls


Wear all white.

Often on trend for Summer and the beach, wearing all white rarely fails to flatter. It’s effortless to put together and dress up or down. To create more of a statement look, add colorful accessories and/or shoes.

Wear all white

Images: Brighton the Day


Go neutral.

If you want a monochromatic style, but are not sure about all white, pair your jeans with a blush pink, a light grey, or a nude color. This creates a trendy and neutral look that can be worn all year. 

Go neutral

Images: Hello Fashion, Just a Tina Bit


Let another piece have center stage.

If you desire certain elements of your outfit to stand out, white jeans create a great nondescript base to allow that other piece to shine. Pairing your white jeans with pops of color such as red, orange, fuchsia, yellow, royal blue, etc. or a bright floral or patterned top is an excellent way to accomplish this chic look. 

Let another piece have center stage

Images: Brighton the Day, Just a Tina Bit


Contrast with black.

Want a high contrast chic outfit, but with little color? Pairing your white jeans with a black top is the way to go. This simple yet refined look can be dressed up or down and adding black or colorful shoes will give it perfect balance.

Contrast with black

Images: Fashion Hippie Loves, Brighton the Day


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