Lady We Love: Musician Spotlight on Darby Wilcox

Beija-Flor believer since day one

Described as “an ethereal escapade through the last decade of [her] life,” Greenville’s own Darby Wilcox’s debut album 11:11 inspired us to take our own escapade through the art district of West Greenville with this talented performer. And, girl, did we have fun!

Darby has been a Beija-Flor believer since day one. As a matter of fact, she showed up to our shoot with several pairs of her own and even donned her favorite Beija-Flors when she took the stage at Fall for Greenville last October. After which, she thanked us for making her butt look “next level.”

beija flor jeans darby wilcox fall for greenville 2019

darby wilcox in beija flor jeans at fall for greenville 2019

Though we had planned to meet in her beautifully and artfully decorated home, where Darby does most of her writing, stormy Greenville weather redirected us to a local plant store named Savereign, an absolute must if you’re in the area. A.J. Arellano, the owner of the boutique, promises to teach even the blackest of thumbs how to properly care for these majestic botanicals. You could tell right away, this was a place in which Darby spends a lot of time. Everyone in the building seemed to know her name. 

darby wilcox beija flor jeans smokey grey

We then hopped across the hall to Rockerbelles Rocker Chic Boutique. Asheton, the owner, has curated a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only rocker-chic but also quite affordable. Pairing them with our jeans made for some truly killer shots of one of our hometown’s hottest musicians.

We love how Darby expresses herself not only through her music but also through her style. She explains her style, "I just wear whatever I want to wear. I wear what makes me feel empowered. When people say 'how do you wear that? I could never pull that off,' I just say, 'why not? You put one leg in and then the other and walk on by, baby!”

It doesn’t hurt that she also chooses Beija-Flor jeans as her go-to for comfort, fit (and a killer butt). She also loves how versatile our jeans are. She can dress them up or down, and pair them with anything from a big belt buckle to a leopard jacket. Darby told us that she sees leopard as a neutral and we couldn’t agree more!

Beyond music and style, Darby spends her time doing yoga, playing with her adorable pup, Lucy (who never left her side all day… except for some treats) and her 12-year-old son that she adores. 

She is a huge supporter of community and lifting up others. She professes, "I'm the Mayor of Babetown. Babetown: babes supporting babes. It’s a non-gendered thing. Anyone can be a babe as long as they are inclusive & supportive of others. I want to continue this movement all over the world as I grow musically. We rise stronger as a unit than alone." 

beija flor jeans sarah knit pant leopard print darby wilcox

Catch Darby Wilcox and the Peep Show around Greenville, playing at venues such as Radio Room, or listen on Spotify, and be sure to follow her on Instagram for news on upcoming shows and some more shots of her incredible style. 

darby wilcox village of west greenville beija flor jeans

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