8 Ways to Wear White Jeans in Winter

It’s time to debunk the myth that white after Labor Day is a “fashion don’t,” because believe it or not, white in the Fall and Winter looks so dang good! You can wear white jeans just like you would regular blue jeans. If you’re still unsure as to how you should go about styling them for Winter, here are 8 ways you can style white jeans in Winter:

1. Pair with cozy neutrals.
You can easily give off that winter vibe in your white jeans when you pair them with a light tan, beige, blush, or a grey.

Images: Gal Meets Glam, Brighton the Day


2. Get comfy in an oversized sweater.
Not only are such sweaters on-trend, they’re oh-so-comfy and will make your white jeans look they belong in the season. You can never go wrong if you throw in a cute pair of neutral booties to complete the outfit.

Images: Bows and Sequins, Advice from a Twenty Something


3. Wear with tall boots.
If you want to minimize the amount of white showing or just really love tall boots, they’re the perfect addition to a white jeans outfit in Winter.

Images: Stylish Petite, Threads for Thomas


4. Remember red.
Create striking contrast by adding pops of red to your white jeans look. A red and white outfit would be ideal for any holiday party.

Images: The Golden Girl, Brighton the Day

5. Wear with blue and/or navy.
Blue and white are an excellent combo for that Wintery feel. A navy coat or blazer with white jeans creates a very classic look that can even have some nautical vibes.

Images: Design Darling, Bows and Sequins

6. Add some plaid.
This classic print is not just for blue and black denim. It can also be quite striking when paired with a pair of white jeans in Fall or Winter. You can add a lot of plaid, or be subtle about it.

Images: Advice from a Twenty Something, Livvy Land

7. Go sporty casual.
As mentioned before, white jeans can be worn like your basic blue jeans, so why not make them look relaxed and sporty with a pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt?

Images: Glitter & Gingham, Styled Adventures

8. Aim for monochromatic.
You can never go wrong with the classic black and white look. Add in grey for various tints and shades.

Images: Bows and Sequins, Never Without Lipstick

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