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Audrey Ankle Jean

Beija-Flor's bestselling Audrey ankle jean is now available in beautiful colors.  By wearing the Audrey in strawberry or tangerine, you're wearing 8 recycled plastic water bottles to help create a more beautiful planet.



Repreve is a recycled fiber that is helping to create a reprieve for the planet. 

 Because Repreve contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles, it helps conserve precious natural resources. Making Repreve uses less petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases. Repreve is careful to ensure that Repreve is made with transparency. And with integrity.

What Is Repreve?

Repreve is a recycled fiber that contains recycled materials—including post-industrial waste and used plastic bottles.* (The PET bottles labeled with “1”). But beware—not all recycled fibers are created equal. Repreve recycled fibers are "first quality," so they look good, and feel soft and comfortable. They’re also certifiably sustainable. So when you shop, remember: It’s what’s in it that counts.

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